Main raw materials for tinplate barrels



Tinplate barrels are a large category of barrel products. They are widely used in foreign countries. Many products such as ice buckets, beer barrels and flower pots use tinplate barrels, but domestic applications are less. Most of the domestic barrels are biased towards plastics. However, with the popularization of environmental protection policies in recent years, the tinplate barrels have gradually become popular in China due to their more environmentally friendly and durable features. There are three main raw materials used in tinplate barrels:



The first is the tinplate iron, the thickness of the tinplate used in the tinplate barrel, thicker than the ordinary tinplate box, the most commonly used is 0.28MM and 0.30MM, the larger iron bucket will use 0.35MM tinplate. Although the tinplate barrel is much thinner than the plastic bucket, it is more robust and has a stronger weighing capacity. The second is paint ink. Many customers have a simple pattern and LOGO on the surface of the iron barrel, just like the printed iron box. The printed tinplate barrel has a layer of ink and air on the surface. Increase the anti-rust ability. The third is the sealant. The iron drum is often used to hold water, so the sealing is high, but the normal process, the bottom of the barrel and the barrel are not leak-proof, so it needs to be at the bottom and the barrel. Apply sealant to the keel.

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Q3. Are printed tins safe for food?

A: Tinplate is a high quality safe packaging material for food items. such as cookies candies, chocolate, etc. A food grade lacquer is coated on the inside of the tin to prevent corrosion and interaction of the tin with the food product and thus make it suitable for food storage.

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